Corporate workshops, coaching programmes and counselling


We specialise in helping you to build diverse and inclusive workplaces




Thrive Individuals

  • Counselling & Therapy
  • Building resilience, burnout prevention & treatment
  • Transitions/changes in life or at work
  • Confidence booster sessions
  • Increase personal impact
  • Personal development/coaching
  • Returning to work with confidence

Thrive Teams

  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Coaching for (new)managers
  • Emotional Intelligence for leaders
  • Tackling discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Bystander intervention/being an ally
  • Managing Change
  • Communicating accross cultures


How we work


Identify what you need to Thrive


Design a bespoke programme

Evaluate Results


What people are saying about us

“Unzela can explain complex problems in a simple manner. She has a compassionate and inclusive training style. I found the workshop I attended very informative and useful.”

“As a young female professional, this personal development training had a great impact on improving the way I present myself and speak up within male dominated environments. This tailor made personal development training was flexible and customizable everytime my needs for training and coaching would change. By looking at my strengths but also at my self-sabotaging mechanisms, I learned how to best influence others, their goals and decisions. Towards the end of the training I was impressed to see how much it boosted my confidence allowing me to best pursue what is relevant for my personal and career development.”

“I had the pleasure of attending the workshop. You were very friendly, professional and passionate”

“I attended a workshop on ‘Returning to Work with Confidence’. ‘I found it opened my eyes to my blind spots. In a friendly way it helped me think about my skills and passion (hint: it may not be the same as previous jobs). I also learnt how we sabotage our own progress. There was a lot to absorb but overall it was a very insightful experience. My only wish is that it could have been spread over a full day instead of half day.”

“I definitely found the workshop useful as it encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, focus on the steps I need to advance my career, socialize more and stay focused on the positive things I can offer.

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Why offer unconscious bias training ? I’ve read it doesn’t work.

Unconscious Bias Training is intended to increase awareness of unconscious bias and its impact on people belonging to certain groups (think of age, race, sex, disability, religion or belief). It can be effective in reducing implicit bias (these are views that we are not even aware we hold!). If the trainings are very general, research shows they actually increase the likelyhood that people will act in biased ways. However, targeted trainings and longer term programmes still have a place in a company’s overall Diversity and Inclusion strategy.  Visit our workshops page to learn more about what we offer.

I have been overlooked for promotion and think I need help to understand why and how can I develop myself further. Can you help?

Thrive Qube can help you develop clarity into your current situation. We can work together to learn more about what it is you need to be your best self. Our clients have said that working with us has increased their confidence and personal impact.

Can you help women working in traditionally male-dominated environments?

Thrive Qube helps both women and men build confidence, improve visibility and impact in the workplace. We help you understand yourself better and equip you with tools that help you achieve the results you need.

Will my insurance pay for therapy sessions?

I do not have agreements with any insurance providers and reimbursement of (partial) costs really depends on your insurance package.

What qualifications do you hold?

I have an undergraduate degree in Social and Clinical Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Occupational Psychology (both accredited by the British Psychological Society) as well as a Diploma in Counselling Skills which is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am also a member of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP)

I took a career break when my children were born, and feel apprehensive abut joining the workforce again. Can you help?

We are passionate about creating gender balance in the workplace; you cannot achieve a real balance if women are not supported during one of the key stages in their lives. Our work with you is based on both formal training and personal experience. We can help you discover what is right for you, so that you can return to the workplace with confidence too.

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