Are you intent on improving inclusion and diversity within your organisation? Do you want to encourage gender balance and create equal opportunities for underrepresented groups?

I believe diversity follows true inclusion. Unconscious biases can lead to discrimination in the workplace, low morale and higher staff turnover.

We all have (un)conscious biases; they help us make quick decisions in daily life, but when left unchecked they can hinder diversity efforts and mean that you are creating a homogeneous organisation.

Thrive Qube’s workshops on Unconscious Bias are offered at 3 levels. Awareness, Understanding and Action. Participants learn more about their unconscious biases, understand how they impact their decision making and behaviour and are given tools to take action to be more inclusive .

The training itself is very inclusive, and experiential in nature. Participants are encouraged to learn, explore and discuss in a fun, safe, non-judgemental environment.

Research shows one-off unconscious bias trainings fail. Get in touch to discuss a more targeted approach to help you create long lasting change.

Workshop details



  • The workshops are delivered over half a day as a group session, face to face, or two sessions of 1.5 hours each when delivered online.
  • Longer training programme: tailored to suit organisational needs.


  • This workshop is for you if there is a mix of cultures, nationalities and generations in your organisation and you are dedicated to improving diversity and creating a more inclusive work culture.
  • Past participants have included HR staff, hiring managers, employee resource groups, staff welfare officers and senior leadership teams.


  • English


  • In-house or online.

Learning Outcomes

Key concepts in D&I such as unconscious bias, covering, intersectionality & microaggression
Discover own blind spots through self reflection & learn how these have impacted on one’s behaviour
Take meaningful action towards being more inclusive and attracting diverse talent
Employee Life Cycle
Bias occurs at all stages of the employee life cycle: from application and interview stage, through to assessment and promotion.
Employee Life Cycle
Unconscious bias can lead to discrimination and exclusionary behaviour.
Interested in organising this workshop within your Company?
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