Learn how better Emotional Intelligence can enhance communication, improve your leadership style and help you to understand what motivates your staff.

Gone are the days when just technical or job specific skills were sufficient to be able to do your job well. We now know that good leadership also relies on being aware and able to manage your emotions. Daniel Goleman, author of the book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ states that 90% of the difference between star performers and average performers in senior leadership positions is Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

In Thrive Qube’s workshop on EQ skills for managers, participants will learn about the 5 building blocks of EQ, namely, self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

During the workshop participants will experience the impact better EQ has on understanding one’s self, as well as on the interaction and collaboration with colleagues.

They will become more understanding and empathetic and be better able to understand what motivates those they manage, allowing them to flex their management style to the needs of the people they manage.

Workshop details



  • The training can be delivered as a group session of 1 day (in person) or two sessions of 2.5 hours each when delivered online.


  • This workshop is designed for senior leaders and mid-level managers with a minimum of 1 years’ managerial experience. The content however, is relevant and useful for anyone who would benefit from improving how they understand and manage their own emotions and relate to others.
  • Past participants have included managers leading international and multi-generational teams.


  • English


  • In-house or online

Learning Outcomes

Self Awareness EQ

Increased self awareness and recognising how own emotions impact interpersonal communication.

EQ comms

Application of emotionally intelligent communication skills to leading.

Growth mindset

Leveraging a growth mindset to improve management style.

courageous conversations

Confidence in having courageous conversations.

Improve communication with your staff and ensure they perform at their best towards a common goal.
Better EQ leads to a more positive work environment and retention of top talent.
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