Cultural elements such as unspoken rules and value systems underlie and influence communication within teams. Developing effective communication skills is key to creating a positive and productive work environment and increasing team cohesion and productivity.

Good interpersonal communication is especially crucial for multicultural and ethnically diverse teams (when working remotely) as misunderstandings can occur more easily due to a gap in understanding and communication.

Furthermore, delivering and receiving feedback is an essential part of our jobs. However, do we always deliver feedback in an empowering and constructive manner? And how does the receiving and giving of feedback differ across cultures?

Thrive Qube’s training on ‘Communicating Across Cultures’ will help you and your team explore and understand the role culture plays on their communication style and those of others. The training covers oral and written communication from (online) meetings to face to face interactions with colleagues.

Workshop details



  • The training can be delivered as a group session of 3 hours (in person) or of 2.5 hours when delivered online.


  • Beneficial for international, multicultural teams.
  • Past participants have included international teams including remote teams working across different countries and time zones.


  • English


  • In-house or online

Learning Outcomes

Enhanced understanding of the factors that underlie effective communication in the workplace
Tools to communicate clearly and effectively with each other, especially when working remotely
Improved ability to seek and provide feedback in a constructive and empowering manner
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