If you witness bullying, (sexual) harassment or discrimination in the workplace or work related events, what do you do? How can you be an ally?

Bystanders who witness discrimination, (sexual) harassment or bullying in the workplace can be supportive allies for colleagues but don’t always know how to respond in the moment. Furthermore they might not respond thinking someone else will say or do something. Social psychologists describe this phenomenon as the “diffusion of responsibility’’.

In Thrive Qube’s ‘Active Bystander Training’ participants will learn how to take action to address undesirable workplace behaviours and champion for others.

Workshop details



  • The training can be delivered as a group session of 2.5 hours (in person) or of 2 hours when delivered online.


  • Relevant for all staff who want to have the tools to be an ally and be able to take action when witnessing acts of bullying, harassment and exclusion.
  • Past participants have included cross company teams, employee resource groups & managers.


  • English.


  • In-house or online.

Learning Outcomes

Recognise acts of microagressions, bullying, harassment and discrimination.
speak up blocks
Overcome the hesitation to speak up in ‘the moment’.
Learn the right words and expressions to use when intervening and championing for others and how micro-interventions can have a major impact when supporting others.

Interested in organising this workshop within your Company?

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