For Organisations

Team Synergy

Not your usual team building. Not a game of tug of war in sight – unless you want that of course!

Our programme can help you create more cohesion in your (remote) or multi-cultural team. 

We help you improve your team’s productivity, cohesiveness and communication skills. We focus on interpersonal communication, cross cultural and team dynamics to help you build a team where people are more engaged and can play to their strengths. 

Walk the talk

Do you want to improve how people within your organisation give and receive feedback? Is there a need to coach new managers? Or is your company undergoing a change, and you want to support employees through this period?

This programme is tailored to your needs, to the needs of your organisation, and your people. Through evidence based methods and a step by step approach we support you and your organisation to create psychological safety, have candid, conversations, improve emotional intelligence, and adapt to change.

Open your mind

If you want to create fair, transparent processes to improve gender balance and equal opportunity for all then this programme is for you. Unconscious bias can lead to discrimination in the workplace, low morale and higher staff turnover.

Through our interactive unconscious bias training we can help you to make long lasting changes to behaviour and processe and improve working relationships. Research shows one off unconscious bias trainings fail. Let’s discuss a more targeted and long term approach.

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